so, about cerakote south africa and stuff...

"Zwarte Piet" van Wyk de Vries, founder of Cerakote SA, is a South African based weapons refinishing specialist, and not the cat in the pic. As the only South African to attain both the High Temp and H-Series NIC Factory Certifications, and as one of only a few ceramic specialists in the world with over a 1000 firearm projects under their belts, he is by far the most qualified and experienced ceramic firearm refinisher in South Africa, and the only one who has ever been fully adopted by a feline.

Piet is a veteran of the famous SAP Unit 19, which was disbanded in 1994, and is a member of their veteran's association. After his time in service he pursued an extremely successful career as a songwriter, with EMI Music Publishing. He has also worked as a graphic designer, professional military model builder and as a published technical historical research photographer. More recently he was the founder of the website, which is the now the largest independent international forum of it's genre in the world. It focuses on the modification, 3d modeling, coding and graphic design of the Russian IL2 flight simulator. Piet was also the editor and project leader of the "Dark Blue World" spin-off of this flightsim, which was voted by in 2015 as one of the 20 best war games of all time.

Piet retired from full time writing and coding at the age of 40, and started aggressively pursuing his hobbies, of which one was not being allergic to kittens, and another was painting guns. He lives in Centurion with his wife, Wilmarli, who is technically a human. Part-time pet Smidge the CeraKat lives at workshop 1. Both Piet and his human are active members of the Pretoria Defensive Pistol Club, in the IDPA discipline, where they both, to the delight of cats everywhere, excel at shooting HONTS.

Workshop 1 is on the premises of Shooting Stuff in Centurion, and is guarded against intruder moths, lizards, and overt productivity by Smidge the cat. We also have 3 other surprisingly cat-free workshops. There is a Design & Stencil Cutting Studio, a dedicated R&D Lab & Workshop and also a complete Spares-Shop containing duplicates of all machinery & tools for instant replacement in case of breakdowns & maintenance.

So, if you were thinking about finding out what a CeraKat looks like, or even about Cerakoting your firearm, you are soooo in the right place now it is not even funny.